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PURE BOOST® Nutrient Supercharger

PURE BOOST® Nutrient Supercharger



Prepare to be blown away with this stuff...

Substantially Increases:

  • Root Mass
  • Plant Growth
  • Yields

Pure Boost® is a highly concentrated all-natural nutrient supercharger derived from a rare mineral deposit which contains 33 organic acids, naturally occurring vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and more than 70 trace minerals. These acids and minerals are typically not available from nutrient formulas and sterile growing mediums on the market. Boost® is designed to work with all existing nutrient formulas and proven to substantially increase yields and overall crop health.

Ask for a copy of the trials which increased yields by over 20%!

Boost® may be used at the roots for seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages and applied optionally as a foliar spray during these periods.

250 ml (makes up to 250 gallons!)
4 L (makes up to 4000 gallons!)
Larger commercial sizes available. Call for info.

Feed Rates:

Rooting/Cloning: 5ml per gallon of feed water on continuous basis
Veg: 1ml per gallon of feed water on a continuous basis
Flower: 1ml per gallon of feed water on a continuous basis




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