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PURE FUEL® Pro Line - CAL BASE Formula 25LB

PURE FUEL® Pro Line - CAL BASE Formula 25LB



PURE FUEL® 3-PART BASE NUTRIENTS is a pH balanced base nutrient system designed for the both the demanding expert and beginner grower. They provide optimum plant nutrition and the #1 quality in finished flower. They can be used as a stand-alone nutrient program, or in conjunction with other fertilizers and additives, and are effective in any growing medium.

Use CAL-BASE in conjunction with GROW or BLOOM, at a rate of 1 part CAL-BASE to 2 parts GROW or BLOOM. Add CAL-BASE to water and mix until dissolved. Then add GROW or BLOOM and mix until dissolved.

These charts display the E.C., pH, and Nutrient PPM levels based on different feeding rates at 1 gallon / 4 liters of water.
Recommended rates are in GOLD.

For Injector Usage:
Add 100g of per liter of water in stock tank to create a 10% stock solution. Use CAL-BASE at an injection rate of 1:200 and GROW or BLOOM at an injection rate of 1:100.


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