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PURE FUEL® Pro Line - BLOOM Formula 25LB

PURE FUEL® Pro Line - BLOOM Formula 25LB



PURE FUEL® 3-PART BASE NUTRIENTS is a pH balanced base nutrient system designed for the both the demanding expert and beginner grower. They provide optimum plant nutrition and the #1 quality in finished flower. They can be used as a stand-alone nutrient program, or in conjunction with other fertilizers and additives, and are effective in any growing medium.


Use BLOOM in conjunction with CAL-BASE, at a rate of 2 parts BLOOM to 1 part CAL-BASE, during the flowering stage. Add CAL-BASE to water and mix until dissolved. Then add BLOOM and mix until dissolved.

This chart displays the E.C., pH, and Nutrient PPM levels based on different feeding rates at 1 gallon / 4 liters of water. Recommended rates are in GOLD.

For Injector Usage: Add 100g of per liter of water in stock tank to create a 10% stock solution. Use CAL-BASE at an injection rate of 1:200 and BLOOM at an injection rate of 1:100.


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